Incoming Banhammer?!

May 2, 2013

As I’ve said before, I sometimes scour the internet to see what other people’s view of the world is.  I know what I think but other people can be something of a mystery and, by understanding them a little better, I might just feel more positive about the world and the people in it.

“I’m OK, you’re OK” only works if the other person is really OK.  When faced with arrant jag-offery, I tend to get annoyed and bite back.  C’est la vie.  I’ll leave the passive and meek stuff to others.

On my internet travels, I happened across this blog:


Which is decrying an Arch Bishop’s apparent lack of intervention in the case of an alleged child molesting Priest who, until recently at least, was still working with children.  At the end of this piece was the phrase “…going above and beyond what an ordinary pagan moron acting with merely mortal stupidity and wickedness would do.“

Oddly, I found this somewhat irksome and commented on the blog thus:

“Firstly, that is an appalling misuse/non-use of a position of authority. To endanger in any way the well-being of other people, especially children, is a heinous transgression and breech of the principals of trust.

However, “beyond what an ordinary pagan moron acting with merely mortal stupidity and wickedness would do. ” Really? Are you sure you wanted to use this phrase?”

A couple of the author’s readers leaped to his defence with comments like “…you aren’t really what Mark’s talking about with paganism (i don’t think). “

Oh, he means pagans meaning everyone who doesn’t think exactly as he does, rather than Pagans who don’t think exactly as he does.  Well, that clears up that mystery!  I feel so much better.  What, that might be exactly the kind of thing that sets me off?  The kind of bait I might rise to but probably shouldn’t?

Well, dear reader, I rose to it.  Here’s the reply that may well get me banned from his blog.  Boo fracking hoo!

“Thanks to everyone for clearing this up.

I see now that some people have very loose definitions of the term “pagan” and that I shouldn’t be upset.  It’s not like anyone could get upset about the term “child molestation-enabling, phallic headgear proponents” either.

World view now corrected.”

Ah, well, if I’ve managed to enrage just one idiot today, my work  is done.  Let the banhammer fall!



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