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I really should know better…

April 13, 2013


…  than to read a book by someone I would consider a Fundie that is written about the Occult.  The truth of the matter is that I sometimes hop around Ye Olde Interwebz and read a little of what people of other faiths are writing/saying with regard to my own faith and the greater group within which I’m classified.  I hope for insight into other peoples’ thought processes and find a little out about how they view mine/ours.  In this case…

Really, what did I expect?  Tolerance?  Maybe a balanced view?  Reasoned arguments?  Nope, it just turned into a long tedious screed.

The upside of this turd of a tome is that it has now developed comic undercurrents.  Consider this:  The author (one Fred R Coulter) references his own works, the Harry Potter books, a missive titled “What Does God Have To Say About Harry Potter?” and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  Yep, all deep and insightful guides to Occult/Pagan faiths and their beliefs.

Add to this the usual buzz terms about authority, pugnacious “armour of God” warblings and the wonderfully dichotomous “free will” and “obedience” contradiction and away you go.

Fortunately, I know that not all practitioners/adherents to other faiths are as barking mad as Fred the Wonder Author.  My Christian friends were all very supportive of me when I came out of the broom closet 14 years ago.  They’re still my friends.  I lost an Atheist or two along the way, but I can see it from their point of view.  “What’s barmier than following a God?  Believing in a pantheon of them!”

For the most part, though, we can all get along.  I won’t proselytize and promise to try not to shock the people around me.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be forthright, but I try to temper this with tact.

Blessed be!