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Different Strokes…

September 15, 2012

Recently, on my voyages around the interwebs, I have become somewhat disturbed by some faith-based posts.

It seems that an awful lot of vocal followers of the big monotheistic faith and its divergent subsets feel rather persecuted if they can’t, for example, proselytize in American schools or if they feel slighted.  Perhaps there are occasions when those people feel their particular denomination/system should be given precedence over all others and that they are above criticism from those who don’t share their particular belief system or, in some cases, any belief system.

Well, this headline just in:  You’re like a bunch of stroppy, spoiled brats and sometimes you need to be told “No!”.   Take your lumps.
While I’m on this train of thought (which is rather peculiar, but it’s my train and I’ll just let it take its course), please stop telling other people they’re going to Hell.  It’s not big, it’s not clever and in some cases, if you’re right, I’ll be happy to be nowhere near you.

Here’s the bottom line, from my particular viewpoint:  Each person’s path is their own.