Cultural disparity?

May 7, 2012

When I first “came out of the broom closet”, back in 1999, I was worried that some of my friends, who happen to be Christian, would find this revelation to be too much and might distance themselves from me.  I am happy to report that my fears were not realised – those friends gave me a big hug at the time and are still my friends.

That was 13 years ago and on a different continent.

Since I moved to the States, I have found a slightly different aspect of the world.

Most of the people I’ve met here are friendly, tolerant and on occasion politely inquisitive about the Pagan among them.  The folks in the diner don’t shun me, parents don’t snatch their progeny from my path and a local church sent round a deputation with an apple pie when we moved in to our house as a welcome.  Very friendly and terribly civilised.

However, over the past 12 months, a neighbour has told me that she’ll “bring me to the Lord”.  Apparently, my faith is comical because it’s fictional.

I find myself often challenged by said neighbour about my faith and I’ve tried to make it clear that not only do I not wish to get into a pan-deity showdown, my faith is not up for negotiation or to be challenged.  I don’t want to go that way because, frankly, my faith is my own – a personal set of choices.

Proselytizing is anathema to me – everyone gets to make their own choice and find their own path.  Just please, do not prevent me from following mine.

Blessed be!


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