“It’s a plot, Harry!”

May 7, 2011

The thought occurs that any event in the world, past or present, seems to draw a corps of conspiracy theorists.

JFK?  Conspiracy.  MLK?  Conspiracy.  UFOs?  Conspiracy.  Hanes’ label-less underwear?  Conspiracy.

A truly gauche one is Giant earthquake/tsunami/nuclear power plant = HAARP conspiracy.

Honestly, what do these pygmies think they’re doing?  Even if there was a global conspiracy that humans have participated in for a large part of our existence, do a few screaming people think they can shift the balance of power?  Perhaps they think they’re immune to the possibility of being snatched and crushed by the Masons/Reptilians/Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Do me a lemon.

Here’s the bottom line:  We have a finite lifespan, so maybe taking a day or two off here and there from the ranks of the tin foil hat brigade and stopping to smell the roses isn’t a bad idea.  Unless the roses are an alien construct placed on Earth by Reptillians and imbued with a narcosynthetic (cunningly nicely scented) mind-control drug.  Only David Icke (the self-proclaimed “Son of God” who was incapable of saving a 20-yard volley) knows…


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