TV: The Modern Composite.

March 4, 2011

It’s been an odd 12 months televisually.

“The Cape”, which should have done fairly well in the ratings, given the box office attraction of the Superhero genre, tanked and has been killed after 10 episodes.  AMC’s adaptation of “The Walking Dead” was well received by the audience and (deservedly in my opinion) got renewed, despite being a darker subject matter than US audiences are used to getting.

Sitcoms have come and gone, folded and failed and been replaced by a succession of equal ratings failures.

Then, there’s the really odd…  “Hawaii Five-O” being trailered as “the biggest new show of the year”.  Suddenly everybody in it is a photogenic charicature, sometimes dramatically changed to fit modern sensibilities.  Forget 12 seasons (September 20th, 1968 – April 5th, 1980).

My point is, why use the character names in roughly the same locations, but simultaneously changed drastically?

Here’s an idea for those lazy reboot merchants in the Networks:  Ironside.  This time, Ironside could be played by an actor like Forrest Whittaker.  Caucasian male lead is either anachronistic or blandly metrosexual.  The female lead would probably wind up being either a single mother or a bi-sexual (why not go for a double demographic hit there?) and the “Mark Sanger” character would probably turn into an East Asian tech type with a dubious background.

That’s how easy it is to take an old property and retool it.  Just add a generic script, cut and paste in character names and let the PR machine take over.



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