Guilty pleasures.

October 13, 2009

Last night, I spent a few hours watching a couple of TV shows compiling clips of people crashing all sorts of vehicles via arrant stupidity.

Is it wrong of me to do this?  It appears to be a form of sadistic voyeurism wherein I tend to hope that the jackass who is determined to jump a quad bike about in the desert comes unstuck in a very public way and suffers a bit.  It’s frustrating that the idiots, when interviewed later, all seem to come back to saying “I love doing this, I still try to jump my BMX across the Grand Canyon every Saturday without fail” or some such drool-laden idiocy.

“I try to jump over 47 buses on my skateboard because nobody else has done it” is not a good defence.  It doesn’t seem to occur to these people that nobody else has done it because:

1.  It seems like a silly thing to do.

2.  People have tried and failed.  It hurts.  Why keep trying?

3.  Other people often have to expend time and energy putting morons like that back together and cleaning up after them.

Sometimes, there’s just not a good enough filtration system in the gene pool.


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